About Rhinoplasty Cost

The cost of rhinoplasty is extremely difficult to predict because it depends on many factors, including the location, complexity of the procedure, type of changes that will be made to the nose and the surgeon's skills. In fact, many plastic surgeons are unable to predict the cost of a nose surgery until they have spoken to the patient about their aesthetic goals and have developed a specific treatment plan.

The total cost of rhinoplasty is often calculated by adding up the surgical fees with the anesthesia fees and the surgeon's fees. Surgical fees often include medical tests, x-rays, costs associated with surgical preparations, facility usage, pain management medications, post-surgery garments and follow-up care.

Surgeon's fees are the most difficult to predict and account for most of the cost associated with rhinoplasty and any other plastic surgery procedure. Surgeon's fees are calculated based on each surgeon's experience, credentials, certifications, skills and success rate for that particular procedure. Highly experienced plastic surgeons may command higher fees, but they can often deliver the best results to suit the patient's aesthetic desires.

Rhinoplasty cost also depends on the type of changes being made, including the size of the nose, the span of the nostrils, the shape of the tip of the nose, the shape of the bridge and/or the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Another important factor that determines nose surgery cost is the complexity level of the procedure. Rhinoplasty performed for purely cosmetic purposes tends to be less costly than nose reconstruction. Nose reconstruction involves complex techniques and focuses on improving the function of the nose while producing remarkable aesthetic results. Reconstructive surgery is often performed to correct a birth defect, following a traumatic injury to the nose, or to improve breathing.  

When performed for reconstructive purposes some of the cost associated with nose surgery may be covered by health insurance, especially if deemed medically necessary. Patients interested in learning more about.

In addition, may plastic surgery patients often inquire about other facial rejuvenation procedures, including brow lift, facelift, ear reconstruction, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation.

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